Making the Tube Lights: Interview with Scott Cole

Making the Tube Lights: Interview with Scott Cole

Scott is no beginner when it comes to the development of consumer electronics. He spent 11 years at Nixon watch brand where he specialized in development and quality control, specifically digital and advanced concept watches. His passion for technical products led him to Lume Cube in January of 2022, when he joined as Director of Product. We caught up with him to get the inside scoop on the new Lume Cube Tube Lights!

What sets Lume Cube Tube Lights apart from others?

These lights really cater to the creator on the go. They’re durable, intuitive, and have great battery life. And, of course, they have impressive output and color accuracy. The power bank feature, rotating magnetic end caps, and smart battery life indicators are just icing on the cake, and come in super handy.

How long did the design process take?

We’ve been working on these since I joined Lume Cube in January of ‘22. Aside from the hurdles that came with developing a new product during Covid, we changed course a number of times in order to add new features and increase durability. We overcame a few unexpected challenges (as usual) and put a lot of energy into the new Lume Control app as well. I’m really proud of the entire team for what we accomplished.

What features are you most excited about?

I’m really excited about the incredible light output we were able to achieve. For Tube Lights specifically, it's critical that the LEDs are the highest possible quality. These things pack a serious punch! Combined with incredible accuracy and long battery life, these new tube lights are a must-have tool for any creator.

What comes with the tube lights?

The 1ft Mini comes in a durable hard-sided travel case with a mini tripod, a wrist strap on a ¼” 20, and a USB-C cable. The Mini has built-in magnets, on each end of the light so you can stick them to any metal surface with no extra equipment.

The 4ft XL comes in a padded zipper case with a larger tripod for more stability, two steel loops on ¼” 20s, and an AC power adapter/cable. They really are all-in-one kits, ready to use straight out of the box.

Tell us about the app. What are your favorite features of it?

The app is intuitive, not intimidating. It allows you to easily control the lights from behind the lens, group several together, or control them independently. The photo eyedropper feature allows you to quickly match your lights to any color around you with the snap of a photo - it’s really cool and extremely functional.

To get more info about or new tube lights and see them in action click here.

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