Light Tip: Light Painting with Tube Lights

Light Tip: Light Painting with Tube Lights

Long exposure photography opens up a world of creative possibilities, allowing you to capture photos that go beyond traditional techniques. One particularly mesmerizing aspect of long exposure photography is light painting. Light painting involves using various light sources to "paint" or draw in the frame during a long exposure. Below are our top seven tips for creating a sweet light painting shot! 


Tube Lights are one of the best light sources to use when light painting. In the video above, we are using two Lume Cube Tube Light XLs. They're big, bright, colorful, and best of all they make it easy to create large light shapes.


Light painting works best during nighttime or in dimly lit environments, as it allows the light sources to stand out against the darkness. Scout the location beforehand and consider any potential background sources of light that could interfere with your shot.

Choose a Subject

For our shoot in the video above we chose a sports car. You don't necessarily need a subject if your goal is just to capture your light painting but it's always fun to paint around an object. 

Get a Tripod

You will need to make sure your camera stays in the exact same position for your long exposure shot. Any movement of the camera can cause the main subject to blur as well as the light painting. 

Camera Settings

Set up your camera for a long exposure. Make sure your shutter speed is anywhere from 5-30 seconds. Set a high aperture, like f/8 or f/11 and choose an ISO that allows for an even exposure.

Trial and Error

Light painting requires patience and practice to achieve the desired results. It will take a few tries to dial in your settings and figure out the best ways to light-paint your subject. Experiment with different techniques, and movements, to discover your own style!

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