Tutorial: Tube Lights

Tutorial: Tube Lights

Let's break down the newest lights in the Lume Cube lineup, Meet the long awaited “Lume Cube Tube Light Mini” and  “Lume Cube Tube Light XL”

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Hey guys, Trevor here to break down the newest lights in the Lume Cube lineup, Meet the long awaited “Lume Cube Tube Light Mini” and  “Lume Cube Tube Light XL”

Our Tube Light’s come in 1 foot and 4 foot options and offer full bi-color adjustability, unlimited color selection for including hue, saturation, and tint control, they’re wirelessly controlled through the Lume Control App, can double as a power bank and much much more.

Whether you got the Tube Light Mini or the Tube Light XL, this video will break down all you need to know about our Tube Lights including how to use and operate them. Lets get into it! 

What’s Included
Inside the Tube Light Mini Box you will receive:
(1) Tube Light Mini

(1) Mini tripod

(1) Wrist strap

(1) USB Power cable

And (1) Molded hard shell travel case for transport and storage.

Inside the Tube Light XL Box you will receive:
(1) Tube Light XL
(1) Aluminum tripod legs

(2) Coated steel loops + mounting bolts

(1) AC power adapter

And (1) Padded travel bag for transport and storage.


Physical Features

Simply put, these tube lights are built to last. They’re made with a full aluminum body that is drop-proof, durable, and weatherproof. These lights are made to take a beating and keep on shining. We also have hexagonal end caps to keep them from rolling. 

The Tube Light Mini stands tall at 12” with a weight of 0.77lb’s (350 grams) making it the perfect on-the-go tube light.

The Tube Mini features two ¼” 20 threads, one on top and one on bottom of the light to easily mount to any ¼ 20 mounting device, like the included tripod legs. 

On the Tube Light Mini, we’ve installed Magnets on both end caps to offer an easy, low-profile mounting option. On the outer end caps you’ll notice a lightning bolt, this indicates which side of the endcap is magnetic. You can twist the end caps to ensure the lightning bolt is facing the side you will be mounting a metallic surface. We placed magnets on only one side to ensure the Tube Light Mini is as lightweight and portable as possible.

The Tube Light XL stands tall at 4 feet with a weight of 3 lb's 1.3oz , making it a great addition to any studio or on location shoot. But is still very portable with the included carrying case.

On the Tube XL there are the two screw mounts on top and bottom, like the tube light mini, as well as seven ¼ 20” threads and three ⅜”16 threads on the back. These line the back of the light, and we’ve also placed one ¼ 20 thread on bottom for added versatility. 



How To Use

Draw your attention to the back screen of the Tube light. Both lights have the same set up here. You have an adjustment dial, a blue toggle button, on/off switch, a USB-C port, and the 4’ tube light will also have a circular 15 volt port for a faster charge. 

Keep in mind, both lights also double as a powerbank, so that little USB-C port is your best friend when you’re in a bind. Just plug in any USB-C compatible cable to recharge your phone, camera, air pods, or what ever gear that needs some juice. 

To operate the light, slide the power switch on the back of the light and the light will turn on. These Tube lights were built to emit soft, customizable and accurate light source with a CRI of 96+.

On back, you’ll notice our simple and intuitive LCD screen turn on. This is where you can see the HSL, FX, CCT, Battery Indicator and Bluetooth menus.

Menu Operation
Each tube light comes equipped with full RGB, 2700- 7500 bi color range, built in effects, strobe speeds, and more. You can locate your current menu by looking here on the back screen. You can use the dial to toggle between the different light modes. Once you’re ready to jump into that mode, press the blue button and your arrow will appear below. You can then use the dial to further adjust your settings. 

Lets take the CCT menu for example. I’ll tap the blue button once which will drop me down to adjusting the sun icon which controls brightness from 0%-100%

The sun icon controls brightness 1 to 100%

The three circle icon controls a color temperature range of 2700k to 7500k

And the G/M controls the green and magenta tint in the light. The G/M control is especially useful for ultimate lighting accuracy in any shooting atmosphere.

Under the HSL menu we have three options: Luminance, Hue and Saturation.

The sun icon controls Luminance, the lights brightness from 0 to 100%

H is Hue and controls a full RGB spectrum of up to 360 colors

And S is Saturation which controls the color intensity of the hue from 0 to 100

The combination of these settings gives you endless colors.

Moving to the FX menu we have 3 options: Brightness, FX Type and Speed.

The sun icon controls the brightness of the FX

The Lightning Icon controls the FX type: These include Strobe, Color loop, Lightning, Fire, Candle, Siren and TV.

The pulse icon controls the hertz rate or speed at which your FX will play at within a range of 1 to 10 Hz.

The next menu is the SET menu. This is where you can turn bluetooth functionality on and off. We’ll dive more into how to set up bluetooth later.

Battery Life
In the top right of the LCD screen you’ll see a little battery icon. This is your battery indicator. The numbers to the left show how much time you have left before your light runs out of power. When adjusting brightness these numbers will change. The lower the brightness, the more time you will have and the higher the brightness the less amount of time.

To charge the Tube Light Mini battery simply plug in the included USB-C power cable into a power source and the USB-C port on the light. 

To charge the Tube Light XL, use the included AC power adapter and plug it into  the AC port to the right of the USB-C port and an outlet. You can also leave it plugged in to run indefinitely.

And as mentioned earlierAdditionally either light can be used as a power bank to charge other gear as long as that gear has a cable that is compatible with USB-C.

Bluetooth Setup

Both the Tube Light Mini and the Tube Light XL and bluetooth compatible and can be wirelessly operated throught the Lume Control App. 

First download the Lume Control app from the app store

On your tube light, Head to the menu labeled ‘set’ and make sure the bluetooth is on. 

Open the app, and head to the the bluetooth pairing button and find your device. Tap the light icon on the far right and your light will connect. Once connected, you can find your device under the device list. Tap the plus sign to the left of your light to dropdown the full control menu. 

There are some fun new advances in the Lume Control app, including a color picker where you can take a photo of an object and your lights will color match the image. We made a separate video to dive deeper into the Lume Control app. 

If you’d like to learn more about it, we’ll include a link in the description of this video, or on screen here, or somewhere nice and accessible.

Well there you have it. A breakdown of how to use the Lume Cube Tube Light Mini and Tube Light XL. 

If you have any further questions we didn’t cover. Send us a message on social, reach to support@lumecube.com or post your comment on our Lume Cube Community Group on facebook.

We’ll see you next time.

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