Light Tip: Continuous Light For Weddings

Light Tip: Continuous Light For Weddings

Our top reasons why continuous light panels are a must-have in your gear bag this wedding season!

Getting the right lighting is crucial in creating stunning wedding content. More often than not, wedding receptions are held in areas with inadequate lighting for capturing beautiful content, so having the tools in your gear bag to create your own light is very important. Continuous light is a great option for wedding content because it’s versatile, easy to use, and portable. Let's dive into the five reasons why continuous lighting is perfect for capturing someone's special day!

Consistent Lighting

One of the biggest advantages of continuous light is that it provides a consistent light source. This means that you can see the effects of the light in real-time, making it easier to adjust the lighting to get the perfect shot. This is particularly important when shooting detail & close-up shots. Our top suggested light for these types of photos is the RGB Panel Pro. It attaches easily to your camera and lets you see exactly what your photos will look like without guessing as you would with a flash.

Easy to Use

Continuous light is also easy to use, perfect for beginners or professionals. You can set up the lights and adjust them as needed without worrying about timing or synchronization. This makes it a great option for people new to photography or videography.

Flexible Light Output

Continuous lights come in various strengths, from small portable lights to large studio lights. This means you can choose the right light output for the location and type of shot you want to capture. Our Studio Panel Lighting Kit is great for shooting in a dimly lit room, especially during things like the first dance. Not only do these lights give you perfect illumination for your content, but they also light up the newlyweds so everyone at the reception can see them even better. The best part is that they are powered by an internal battery, so no cords run across the ground for guests to trip on.

Ideal for Video

Continuous light is particularly well-suited for shooting video. Because the light is constant, both the photographer and videographer can capture content without flickering from a flash being caught in the video. This is truly a win-win for everyone!

Perfect for Indoor Shots

Weddings often take place indoors, where lighting can be challenging. Continuous light is perfect for indoor shots because it provides a constant light source that can be adjusted to suit the location. This means that you can get beautiful shots, even in low-light environments.


Wedding content is one of the most important parts of the bride and groom's day, so ensure you are prepped to capture their dream day! Check out our blog: Wedding Photography Tips for Beginners for more wedding tips!

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