Riley's Favorites: A Peek Inside the Mind of our Co-Founder

Riley's Favorites: A Peek Inside the Mind of our Co-Founder

We pulled aside our Co-Founder, Riley Stricklin, to get an insight on some of his favorite Lume Cube products, and why!

We pulled aside Co-Founder, Riley Stricklin, to get insights on his favorite Lume Cube products, and why! Riley’s always on the go or taking video calls to better Lume Cube, and what better way to improve his experience than with his favorite products.

Mobile Creator Lighting Kit

lume cube mobile creator lighting kit

I take this kit everywhere, especially when I travel. My go-to device is my iPhone & I've actually been getting into creating some of my own content & vlogs during travels, so the Mobile Creator Lighting Kit hits everything I need. I love the premium design (matte brushed aluminum & carbon fiber grip), and I still haven't found any smartphone mount as unique as ours. Absolute frictionless rotating from Portrait to Landscape mode every time, & built-in mounts for both lights & microphones whenever I need them.

Edge Light 2-Light Setup

lume cube edge light 2 pack desk set up for video conferencing and streaming

This is my daily driver on my desk at both the office & at home. I tend to be on about 3-4 hours of video calls per day so the Edge-Lit lighting keeps me looking bright without any eye-strain, and the remainder of the day I have A+ task lighting to make sure I don't get any headaches and can work well into the evening if I have to.

Panel Pro Accessory Kit (w/ 5 ft Light Stand)

lume cube panel pro accessories

This setup is on every shoot we do & gives us so much versatility when creating content. Whether we need to focus it as a keylight onto our subject, or just get a kick of color on the background during a shoot, it's the perfect combo of light, focusing capability, & height adjustability. The Panel Pro just has so much versatility with the color options (especially with the App), and when you add the Barn Doors to focus the output & the 5 ft stand for adjustable height & angles, it just checks every box we need out in the field. It's a go-to whenever we leave the office.

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