Top Three Tips for Podcast Lighting

Top Three Tips for Podcast Lighting

Thinking of filming your podcast? Here are some tips to help get started!

Thinking of filming your podcast? Here are some tips to help get started!

1. Lighting

When filming anything, it's important to have an even amount of light on the subject’s face. Our Cordless Ring Light works great for filming one person. It evenly illuminates your entire face with a soft, but bright light.

If you have a guest on your show, or if you wear glasses, 2-point lighting is more ideal. This will ensure you and your guest are both illuminated well, and if you're wearing glasses, this will create even light on your face, while shining out of the frame of your glasses, and eliminating glare.

Our Edge Light 2-Pack, and Broadcast Lighting Kit 2-Pack, are both great options for achieving the 2-point lighting technique. To eliminate glasses glare, place the lights behind the camera and above your line of sight for the best lighting on your face. This technique works best when the lights are angled at 45º at each side of your face so that the light shines outside of the frame of your glasses.

2. Camera Placement

Whether you're filming on a smartphone or camera, it's crucial that your camera is sturdy and is not wobbly, as this can be distracting.

Make sure your camera is at or above eye level, and that you're shooting in landscape if shooting on mobile.

Our Mobile Creator Stand fits any smartphone & rotates 360º from portrait to landscape. The Mobile Creator Stand is our versatile and portable solution for your handheld and hands-free content needs.

3. Noise

Film in a quiet place with external mics. Sound quality is the most important aspect of a podcast, so keep your recording device steady and eliminate background noise when you can. If shooting on mobile, our Mobile Creator Lighting and Audio Kit is the full package for optimizing your podcast lighting, camera placement, and sound.

This kit is complete with:

  • The Panel Mini - 100% brightness, and color temperature adjustability with frosted lens for built-in diffusion
  • The Mobile Creator Stand - Can be used as a tripod or a grip, mount rotates 360º to film in portrait or landscape
  • The Mic - Compact and lightweight, windshield and foam windscreen included

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