Light Tip: Podcast Lighting

Light Tip: Podcast Lighting

Thinking of filming your podcast? Here are some tips to help get started!

Thinking of filming your podcast? Lighting is an essential aspect that should not be overlooked in the filming process. The right lighting will enhance the overall production quality of your podcast, not to mention make you look your best. Below are some tips for getting the right lighting for your podcast.  

1. Lighting Equipment

When filming anything, it's important to have an even amount of light on your subject. LED Panels and Ring Lights are the most common types of lighting used in podcast studios.

LED Panels, such as the ones in our Studio Panel Lighting Kit, are very versatile and easy to control. With built in diffusion and barn door attachments, you can create very soft and directed light. These are best used for a larger studio where two light sources are needed.

Ring lights, such as our Ring Light Pro, are great for smaller, closer up filming. Ring Lights create an even circle of light around ones face reducing unwanted shadows. Our Ring Light Pro also comes with built in diffusion so the light is soft and flattering.

2. Light Color Temperature

Color temperature refers to the warmth or coolness of the light produced by your lighting equipment. A warm light has a yellow or orange tint, while a cool light has a blue or white tint.
For live podcast studios, it is recommended to use a color temperature between 5000K and 6500K. This creates a natural-looking light that is comfortable for your guests and viewers.

3. Light Positioning 

The position of your lighting equipment can affect the overall look and feel of your live podcast studio. Position your lights in a way that illuminates your set without causing harsh shadows or glares. The Studio Panel Lighting Kit is best for strategic light placement as it comes with two panels that can be positioned in different spots. The key light is the primary light source and should be positioned in front of the subject, slightly above eye level. The fill light should be placed on the opposite side of the key light to reduce shadows. The backlight should be placed behind the subject to create depth and separation from the background. 

Other Things To Consider:

1. Camera Placement

Whether you're filming on a smartphone or camera, it's crucial that your camera is sturdy and is not wobbly, as this can be distracting. Make sure your camera is at or above eye level, and that you're shooting in landscape if shooting on mobile. Our Mobile Creator Stand fits any smartphone & rotates 360º from portrait to landscape. The Mobile Creator Stand is our versatile and portable solution for your handheld and hands-free content needs.

2. Noise

Film in a quiet place with external mics. Sound quality is the most important aspect of a podcast, so keep your recording device steady and eliminate background noise when you can. If shooting on mobile, our Mobile Creator Lighting and Audio Kit is the full package for optimizing your podcast lighting, camera placement, and sound.

This kit is complete with:

  • The Panel Mini - 100% brightness, and color temperature adjustability with frosted lens for built-in diffusion
  • The Mobile Creator Stand - Can be used as a tripod or a grip, mount rotates 360º to film in portrait or landscape
  • The Mic - Compact and lightweight, windshield and foam windscreen included

Podcast filming is an exciting and innovative way to engage with audiences and deliver content. With the right lighting equipment, you can create content that will captivate your audience! 

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