man standing before long bridge overlooking water

Where was this image taken?

It’s a bridge near a place called Perla Zachodu (Pearl of the West) in Poland.

How did you come up with the idea? Is this a location you have been wanting to shoot at for a while?

I’ve been here a few years ago and I knew this place has a photo potential but the photo itself wasn’t the main purpose for this visit. I just wanted to show this place in a different way than others do.

It looks like you intentionally lit up the path and bridge in this shot… how did you use Lume Cubes to pull this off? Can you give us a step-by-step of how this shot was taken?

Lume cubes were mounted on my Mavic 2 Pro drone and I was flying at a low altitude (around 2 meters) above the bridge and stairs to light them up without lighting up surroundings too much.

You take incredible landscape photos. What are the challenges of shooting drone and landscape photography? Are you constantly traveling to find new places?

I’m not able to travel as much as I would like to, as I have a full time job. It’s even harder nowadays, due to a pandemic situation. I think this is currently one of the biggest challenges for any photographer. But challenge may become a chance. This situation is a good chance for us to find new photo spots locally, and this is what I’m trying to do.

Another “all time” challenge is weather. In both landscape and drone photography this is a crucial factor and without favorable conditions it’s hard to take any photo, and even harder the good one. On the other hand if you are lucky and you get great light during sunrise, you don't have to do much. Just push the trigger.

Name a photographer that inspires you the most. Why?

It’s hard to choose one. There are few who I admire and they all inspire me in a different way. I admire Reuben Wu for his light painting with a drone. I love Sebastião Salgado for his landscapes full of emotions. I like the work of Gregory Crewdson for his cinematic use of light in the scene. And there are few more I could name here.

Can you share your camera and camera settings for this shot? And please tell us more about what drone you used and how Lume Cubes helped bring this photo to life.

I used Mavic 2 Pro with 2 Lume Cubes on it to bring some light. Photo is a composition of 3 separate frames with exactly the same settings and setup. I used the Sony A7 III on a tripod and 35mm lens. Exif for each photo is 35mm, f2.8, 15s, ISO 800. Lume Cubes were in low power (2 or 3) not to overblown the images.

What has been the most rewarding part of your photography experiences? What has been the most challenging?

Each photo I’m happy with is my reward. It’s even better when people like it as well. Taking the photo that people will like is very challenging.

Would you be able to talk about your post-process when it comes to editing? Do you edit your photos? Do you have a favorite way of editing them?

I always use Adobe Lightroom. And usually this is where my whole post-process is happening. But sometimes I have to use Photoshop, like in this work for example. Final photo is merged out of 3 frames I took this night. Do I have a favorite way of edit? Not really, the process depends always up to the image I’m working on. What I like to do is editing with a good music in my headphones.

Did this photo turn out to how you initially envisioned it?

I had a bit different idea but it wasn’t possible to fly as I wanted to, due to magnetic interference. So this idea was something I imagined “on the go” but the result is even better than the initial idea.

Describe Lume Cube in 5 words or less.

This thing is so bright.

About Przemek Szewczyk

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A talented landscape and drone photographer that resides in Poland. Be sure to give him a follow on Instagram (@ten.szewczyk) to see more impressive shots like the one above.