Light Tip: Drone Light Painting

Light Tip: Drone Light Painting

Light painting has become an amazing way for creators to express their creativity in a cutting-edge fashion. It has become an exciting, new craft in the photography world and we wanted to share some of our favorite tips for taking your light painting images to the next level. Check them out below!

light trails that lead to man holding light

Photo by: @nitishwaila (on Instagram)

Top 5 Tips to Capturing an Epic Light Painting Shot

Whether you have a DSLR camera or a smartphone, these tips are sure to help you out on capturing what the photography world likes to call a "light painting." Below we listed out our top 5 tips to nail the shot!

1: Find the Right Tripod

 circular light painting above lake water hole

Photo by: @jonclarkphoto (on Instagram)

When light painting, it is essential to keep your camera as still as possible. We recommend investing in a sturdy tripod to ensure the clarity and quality of the photo is perfect.

2: Use the Correct Shutter Speed

One of the most important elements of light painting is making sure your shutter speed is correct. You will need a long exposure to capture the light in a blur and your stationary object perfectly clear. We recommend your shutter speed to be at least 30 seconds or potentially even longer.

3: Find an Interesting Subject

This is the most exciting element of light painting where many artists' creativity shines. Discover unique locations with fascinating subjects for an added wow factor in your photo.

4: Use a Light

light painting in field with tree

Photo by: @metalgearluis (on Instagram)

In order to ensure your light is visible and clear, use a lighting source to illuminate the scene. Our Lume Cube 2.0 is our favorite piece of gear to use while light painting. Its size makes it easy to take on the go and its brightness makes it a no brainer for lighting painting. (It even has a low light mode for light painting.)

5: Experiment with Colors

We created our RGB color gels so creators could play around with creative coloring by easily placing them on the Lume Cube 2.0. Don't be afraid to experiment and step outside of your comfort zone by mixing up your color schemes.

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