Light Tip: Virtual Learning

Light Tip: Virtual Learning

"Back to School" looks a little different to some this year. With many schools practicing virtual learning this year, it can be a challenging time for teachers, parents, and students. We are here to help make this transition as seamless as possible and want to share our favorite tips for crushing it this virtual school year!

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The transition to virtual learning can be a tough one, no matter what grade you are in. For parents and students, there is going to be some trial and errors along the way. Here are just a couple of tips to help hop back into school, virtually.

1. Set up a designated school area.

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Set up a separate work space that is clean and organized. There is no right or wrong place to learn or teach, as long as it is free of distractions and comfortable for your learning/teaching style.

2. Make sure you are well lit on camera.

Whether you're a teacher or student, there's nothing worse than logging into a virtual classroom and looking like a silhouette. Many students and teachers have been loving our Video Conferencing Kits because they are easy to use and provide amazing lighting during virtual learning sessions.

3. Maintain your normal routine.

Even though quarantine has felt like a strange vacation where anything goes, once school starts, it is important to maintain your normal routine. This will keep your eyes on the prize and help with motivation and productivity during the school year. Set an alarm. Take breaks. Stay focused!

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4. Get social... Even if it's virtual.

Virtual schooling will allow students to learn and move forward with their education. However, kids won't be able to develop socially as they would in a classroom. Virtual playdates, video call games, and Zoom hangouts will be essential for the development of student's social skills.

5. Be patient.

Virtual learning and teaching is a new one for most of us this year! Be patient with the transition and allow yourself to make necessary adjustments along the way.

Lume Cube Gear for Virtual Learning

Both the Video Conferencing Kit and the Broadcast Lighting Kit have been used by students and teachers to help with virtual learning this year. Check them out by clicking the button below!

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