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Lume Cube 17" ultrathin Cordless Ring Light Pro with a smartphone attached and wireless remote control.Cordless Ring Light Pro
Lume Cube Studio Panel Lighting Kit with two 10.5" x 7.4" x 1" LED panels, each with barn doors, and a wireless remote control.Studio Panel Lighting Kit
Lume Cube Flex Light Pro with 2 individual 13" x 2.25" LED panels on 11" goosenecks and smartphone mounted in filming gooseneck.Lume Cube Flex Light Pro with LED arms facing down and smartphone in filming gooseneck.
Flex Light Pro
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1/2" diameter Sleek black metal Lume Cube Monitor Light Bar tube.1/2" diameter Sleek black metal Lume Cube Monitor Light Bar tube mounted atop Apple Computer monitor.
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10.5" by 7.4" x 1" thick Lume Cube Studio Panel edge-lit LED light with tilt mount.Studio Panel
Studio Panel
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A fully-extended 70" tall black aluminum Lume Cube light stand.A motion .GIF showing the extension of the black metal collapsible and portable Lume Cube 70" Light Stand.
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Monitor Light Bar with RemoteMonitor Light Bar with Remote
Monitor Light Bar with Remote
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