Tattoo Lights

Tattoo Lights

Lume Cube's Tattoo Lights are designed to meet the unique lighting needs of tattoo artists. From Ring Lights to 2-Point Lighting Systems, our premium LED lighting solutions are designed to illuminate the tattoo artist's canvas with precision and color accuracy during the tattoo process.

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Lume Cube Flex Light Pro with 2 individual 13" x 2.25" LED panels on 11" goosenecks and smartphone mounted in filming gooseneck.Tattoo artist adjusting Flex Light Pro control panel
Cordless LED Ring Light Pro with a smartphone mount and wireless remote control.A woman adjusted the angle of a Ring Light Pro
Lume Cube Cordless Ring Light Pro in WhiteLume Cube Cordless Ring Light Pro White 18-inch Edge-Lit LED Ring Light
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Lume Cube's Cordless 18" Ring Light with a smartphone attached in gooseneck mount.Lume Cube Cordless 18" Ring Light with head tilted at 45) down and smartphone attached in gooseneck mount.

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This episode illuminates the artistic and entrepreneurial spirit of Reese Hilburn, a creative tattoo artist, educator and entrepreneur based in San Diego, California. Discover her philosophy on the empowerment of art.


Proper lighting is crucial for artist and creators alike. Whether you're a content creator, tattoo, or makeup artist, having the right lighting equipment can make all the difference. Let's explore the top five tips for utilizing the Flex Light Pro to achieve outstanding lighting results.


Let's breakdown the all new Ring Light Pro - one of the thinnest and high-quality ring lights to ever exist.

Which Tattoo Light is Best For You?

Investing in high-quality tattoo lights like our Flex Light Pro and the Cordless Ring Light Pro from Lume Cube can significantly impact the quality and precision of a tattoo artist's work. Not only do they make the tattooing process easier by illuminating the skin in the most flattering way, but they also help in showcasing the artist's work in the best light possible.

Flex Light Pro: This versatile lighting option offers unparalleled flexibility and control, enabling tattoo artists to position the light exactly where they need it, ensuring every detail is clearly visible. With its precision lighting, the Flex Light Pro helps in highlighting intricate designs and fine lines, making it easier to work on complex tattoos. Its adjustable brightness and color temperature settings allow artists to customize the lighting to match the natural skin tones of their clients, ensuring that colors are accurately represented during the tattooing process.

Cordless Ring Light Pro: The Cordless Ring Light Pro provides even, shadow-free illumination, which is essential for tattoo artists who need to see their working area without any interference from shadows. This ring light is especially beneficial for large pieces, where consistent lighting across the entire area is crucial. Its portability and cordless design mean it can be easily moved and adjusted during a session, without the worry of cords getting in the way. The adjustable settings also enable artists to create the perfect lighting environment for both the tattooing process and for capturing high-quality photos of their completed work.

Both the Flex Light Pro and the Cordless Ring Light Pro are equipped with features that are beneficial for tattoo artists:

  • Adjustable Brightness and Color Temperature: These features allow for a customized lighting setup that can mimic natural daylight or be adjusted for the best visual clarity, depending on the artist's preference and the specific requirements of the tattoo being worked on.
  • Portability and Flexibility: The ability to easily adjust and move the lights around ensures that artists can work comfortably for extended periods, focusing on their art without being constrained by poor lighting conditions.