Dunna Did It YouTube Streamer and Lume Cube Ambassador

Dunna Did It

Dunna Did It (@dunnadidit) is a YouTuber, Music Producer, Videographer, and Photographer. He has provided his community with multiple product reviews, how-to tutorials, and content tips and tricks on his channel. You can always find Dunna making a vlog with a coffee not far away.

Dunna Did It

What made you want to become a photographer?

Even though I had a creative job (music producer) I felt like I needed a creative outlet where I wasn’t having to answer to anyone other than myself. In my job, I’m often working for an artist who wants something specific, but with my photography/videography, I get to do whatever I want.

You have had a chance to review and try out a bunch of Lume Cube gear, are you using it in your work? Do you have a favorite?

I generally use the Lume Cube 1, Lume Cube AIR, and Lume Cube 2.0 as practicals in the background of my set. From time to time I also use the Lume Cube Panel Go as a hair light because it's nice and easy to attach to things.

Who are you inspired by?

I’m inspired a lot by the YouTube photography/videography community. The passion and drive that everyone has is incredible. It feels like a never-ending journey of learning.

If you weren’t a content creator? What would you be instead?

Well… a music producer haha. Although I guess that’s still creating content kind of. But that's my full-time job and I still love it very much.

If you could only shoot with ONE lens-type for the rest of your life, which would it be? Fisheye, wide-angle, prime, zoom, macro, or a telephoto lens?

Zoom lens hands down. I’d much rather have versatility than being stuck to one focal length.

What is your go-to camera?

Right now, the Sony a7iii.

Any advice for someone that is trying to follow in your footsteps?

Just remember that it doesn’t happen overnight. The numbers will look bad until their good, but if you love doing it, keep going.

What is your preferred editing software for your YouTube videos?

Adobe Premiere Pro CC

What is the best part of your day?

The short time I get to hang out with my wife in the morning with our coffee/tea.

Coffee or tea?


What’s your favorite video that you have posted and why?

I really enjoy the video called “Canada West Coast Road Trip 2019 // [Sony a6400 Travel Vlog]” Not a very exciting title necessarily but I really love looking back and seeing the documentation of such an amazingly meaningful trip. It’s nice to be able to preserve that in something less feeble than my memory.

If you could have lunch with anyone (dead or alive) and pick their brain, who would it be and why?

I’d love to have lunch with my Gramps (maternal grandfather). He passed away when I was fairly young and I’d love to know him as an adult. He was always the most kind and gentle man when I was a kid.

What is the next piece of equipment that you would like to get your hands on and review on your channel?

I’d really like to review the Sony 16-55 f2.8 G lens. I got to use it shortly at Sony Camera Camp but I want to go more in-depth with it.

What is one thing that you would go back and tell yourself when you started your YouTube channel?

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself… but also don’t put too little. There’s a perfect amount of pressure that keeps you going and motivated.

Tell us what is in your backpack right now.

Oh man…

  • Sony a7iii
  • Sony a6600
  • Tamron 28-75mm
  • Tamron 17-28mm
  • Sony Zeiss 55mm f1.8
  • Sigma 16mm f1.4
  • Atomos Ninja V Recorder
  • Rode Videomic NTG
  • Insta 360 One X
  • Batteries
  • 4 Variable ND filters, a Circular Polarizer, and an ND1000 filter
  • Shure in-ear headphones
  • PolarPro Slate memory card case
  • A fun little packing cube type thing with hard drives, cables, charging solutions, pens, adapters, etc.

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