Q: What made you want to become a photographer?

A: I purchased a GoPro and didn't use it for a year then started playing around with it in the surf and I was hooked

Q: When did you know that you could make photography a full-time gig?

A: Well I have not made the complete jump yet still have my day job and it is really boring but I find it fuels my creativity

Q: Why do you enjoy using Lume Cubes? Do you have a favorite piece of gear?

A: I love the easy way they can be put anywhere weigh nothing and are really great lighting tools

Q: Who are you inspired by?

A: I'm not sure I can get inspiration from everyone but no one person more

Q: If you weren’t a photographer? What would you be instead?

A: Hmmm maybe haha whatever my wife lets me be haha

Q: If you could only shoot with ONE lens-type for the rest of your life, which would it be? Fisheye, wide-angle, prime, zoom, macro, or a telephoto lens?

A: I think I'd go for a wide lens like an RF 15-35mm f2.8

Q: What is your go-to camera?

A: At the moment, Canon Eos R & GoPro Hero 8

Q: Any advice for new photographers?

A: Practice more and try to only compete with yourself don't worry what others say or think its not about them it's about you 

Q: How do you keep your photos fresh and new?

A: I shoot as often as I can and always try new things

Q: You have captured Australia in a truly magical way, what do you do when the landscape is just not cooperating with you?

A: That's the perfect time to change to a lens you're not used to and only use it for that day

Q: What is your preferred editing software?

A: Adobe Lightroom

Q: What is the best part of your day?

A: Ummm probably watching the sunrise or set

Q: Coffee or tea?

A: Coffee

Q: What’s your favorite photo you’ve taken and why?

A: I don't really have a favorite photo but I do like wildlife underwater just a little bit more than long exposure

Q: If you could photograph anything in the world (person, place, thing, etc), what would it be?

A: Maybe check out the Islands of the world

Q: Where is the next place that you want to shoot with Lume Cubes at and how would you use the Cubes?

A: Sunrise in some rock pools to light up the foreground

Q: Describe your photography style in 5 words.

A: Colourful, Calming, Reflections, Fresh & Moody

Q: Marmite or Vegemite?

A: Vegemite